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Photo Gallery

Welland 2007 - after the flood

Due to the appalling July weather and extensive flooding in the area, Welland had to be postponed until the end of September but it was well worth the wait.

The July flood water was up to 10ft deep in the vicinity of Upton-upon-Severn just 4-miles down the road from the Welland Show Ground.

McLaren Traction EngineYes, it's the first time I've ever seen a 5 NHP McLaren Traction Engine doing a 'wheelie'! This steam powered beast built in 1971 owned by John Wakeham of Launceston in Cornwall put a lot of the Tractor Pullers to shame... What you can't see in this photo is...
Tom Prout Ford 5000... Tom Prout with his Ford 5000 smoking his tyres hitched to the back of the Sledge, being dragged up the track backwards by the steamer...
Burnt RubberLiving proof that Tom was doing his best to stop the McLaren but failing. Yes, that's burnt rubber on the track laid down while the Ford 5000 was being pulled backwards down the track behind the Sledge.

Jonty's Case MXM190A new Puller having it's first outing at Welland in September. The tin work came from a Case MXM190 but underneath that is an 1993 ERF 'E' series with a 365 bhp 12-litre Rolls Royce 'Eagle'. The Puller was built by Andrew Woolacot who is better known as 'Jonty'.

Yes, the font axle does look a little odd because it's actually the back of a Class Combine Harvester.

Forest ThunderAnother new Puller is 'Forest Thunder' driven by 'Dingle' (Gareth Lockyer) and owned by Dave Read & Darren Larkham from the Forest of Dean.

Fordson Super Major back end with a Ford Iveco 11-litre straight-6 from a 400E 34-tonne tractor unit.

Roger KearRoger Kear with a re-engined Complete Utilities Pullers with a rather special 6.2-litre 380T engine. The injector pump is a rather special Bosch 005 running 'off the rack' and the engine is fitted with twin Holset Turbo's providing 80 psi of boost.
Nigel Price with 'JR'A bit of V-8 power. Nigel Price driving 'JR' which is a normally aspirated 17.2-litre Fiat Iveco unit out of a Pea Viner...
... as is Colin Dowall's ('Dowie') 'It's a V8 Mate'. Same engine but this time fitted with a Garret Turbo from a V8 Scania. These engines cam fro Viners bought in Cambridgeshire and scrapped in Reddich.
Steve Knight of the 'Mad Massey' team driving Shaun McGinn's 'The Gopher' which has a straigh-6 Thames engine out of a Ransomes 360 Combine.

'Major Aggro' driven by Darren MannStraight-6 Ford 360T & 8.3-litre Perkins V8 can only mean 'Major Aggro' from Solihull in the West Midlands.

Co-owned by Phil Parker and Darren Mann (driving), 19ft and 6½-tonnes of fun and potential aggravation. This Puller knows how to live up to it's name, braking the rear axle before the end of the show.

Andy Stevens and 'Big Girl'Now we come to two of the noisiest Pullers on the 'Independent' circuit. Andy Stephens, possibly better known as 'Molly' for some strange reason driving 'Big Girl'. An IH 1040 fitted with a Supercharged 8.5-litre 2-stroke V8 Detroit Diesel.

Note the spectator in the background with fingers in ears...

'Noise Pollution'If it's possible, 'Noise Pollution' is even louder! Not the ear defenders being worn by James Yardley (driving) and Campbell on the Sledge.

V8 power again but in this case a 7.5-litre (460 petrol with a Holly 4-barrel carb and a plenum chamber to make sure the fuel and air mixes properly before going into the inlet manifold.

Did you know 'Noise Pollution' has its own Fan Club?

The FoxOne of the best known faces on the Tractor Pulling scene. Bill Parker driving 'The Fox'...

John Deere 7810 Q. When is a John Deere 7810 not a John Deere?

A. When its a Volvo F10 in disguise. Owen Morgan from Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire driving his invention.

Massey Ferguson 699A large cloud of black smoke and very large rear wheels means it has to be Trevor Heal from Wincanton in Somerset with his Massey Ferguson 699 with a 5.8-litre Perkins 6354 straight-6 form a 17-tonne Dodge.
'Redline Frenzy'At last, a great photograph of 'Redline Frenzy' (thank you 'Timby') driven by John Sowerby from Bridgend in South Wales. If you want to know the full technical details of the Puller have a look at its own web site.
Robert JonesRobert Jones from Llandovery set in the shadow of the Brecon Beacons in Wales with his Fordson Major fitted with a straight-6 'D' series engine.
'Rusty Nail'James Slater from Pembrokeshire driving the 'Rusty Nail', a Perkins 510 (8.3-litre) twin turbo V8. Not actually the most handsome Puller on the track but nevertheless reliable.

'Possibly Perfection'Resplendent in its new Bassaleg Hire livery, 'Possibly Perfection' driven by Dave Phillips. Yes, it's 'Midland Sherpa Spares' with a new LDV Convoy body.

Power comes courtesy of a 14-litre straight-6 Cummins...

'Fippeny Frenzy''Stormin' Norman Young's 'Fippeny Frenzy'. A Seddon Atkinson tractor unit fitted with a Rolls Royce straight-6.

This vehicle stared out life with the Royal Navy hauling sea water from Portland Harbour in Dorset to Holton Heath, a Naval Research establishment on Poole Harbour.

Gerry EllisA close neighbor of Norman's in Dorset. Gerry Ellis driving his 6.2-litre straight-6 to very good effect. Somehow Gerry always manages to produce a good plume of black smoke!
A visitor pulling the SledgeNot a Tractor Puller but a visitor pulling the Sledge. Any offers for a positive identification?