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NTTO Sledge 'Keep Moving Orange' - Ahoy 2016

The Sledge

Without the modern Sledge there could be no Tractor Pulling...

UK Tractor Pulling Sledges

I would love to say this is a definitive list of all the Sledges used by Tractor Pullers in the UK but I am afraid that simply would not be true... Anyway, here are the ones I do know about.

Eliminator - STPC

STPC - 'Eliminator'

ETPC Bronze sanctioned, 20th April, 2012

Location:  Aberdeenshire
Overall length:  8.4m
Overall weight:  10tons empty,  (22.7tons box full and pan loaded)
Pan dimensions (L x W):  4.55m x 2.2m
Weight of pan:  2.8tons
Maximum weight-box load:  11.4tons
Maximum weight-box travel:  4.96m
Is the weight-box driven by the axles?  Yes
Number of gears:  30

Click here to see the full specification...

'Total Friction' - SWTPA
SWTPA - 'Total Friction'

Built by Steve Cox and Andy Harper in 2006 it was first tested in September of that year at Mark Farwell's Ploughing Match.

Originally the Sledge ran with the BTPA in the South West until the SWTPA split from the BTPA in 2008. Since then 'Total Friction' has run exclusively with the SWTPA even making the long trip from Somerset to Scotland to Sledge the STTPA events.

The Radish Planter
SWTPA - The Malpas Sledge ('The Radish Planter')

This photo was taken at the end of March 2013 following some work on the sledge...

'Total Overload' - SWTPA (?)
SWTPA (?) - 'Total Overload'

Originally the BTPA Midland Sledge, it moved to Wales where it resided for a number of years.

Under the ownership of James Slater it was used for a number of years at Croeslan before being sold to a consortium comprising Darren and Richard Angel and Peter ('Wobbly') Quinton.

It was used as a backup to 'Total Friction' with the SWTPA for a year or so before entering 'retirement' in 2009...

PPS Mini Pullers Sledge
PPA Mini Pullers - 'The Judge'


Try Yer Luck - PPA Garden & Compact Pullers
PPA Garden Tractor & Compact Pullers - 'Try Yer Luck'


The Belgian Sledge 'De Stille Genieter'
BTPA - 'De Stille Genieter', A BKTV (Belgian) Sledge used for MTPC & NWTPC events
'The Stinger II' - Peak Vale
Independent - 'The Stinger' - Peak Vale Pulling

Built in 2006-07 by Neil Green and Matt Joplin up in Derbyshire.

In early 2012 it underwent an extensive re-build to move the weight box back another 900mm to make it easier to get off the line. This Sledge bristles with electronics to control the box and even air conditioning to maximise driver comfort.

The Dorset Sledge

The Old Dorset Sledge

Independent - The Dorset Sledge

The original version of the Dorset (aka Landford) Sledge (shown in the lower photo) was built by Darren and Richard Angel, Ned and Paul Parker with support from Paul Watts and was based at Landford on the edge of the New Forest. As you can see it was a copy of the Welland Sledge. The reason the weight box is so large is the fact that it used water for ballast.

At the end on 2005 and early 2006 it underwent a really major re-build... The engine, box drive and Sledge Operator were all re-located to the back of the Sledge. The pan also underwent a complete re-design and re-build.

The Sledge now seems to spend much of its time resident in Dorset, doing (in chronological order) Shillingstone, Mosterton, Great Dorset and either Berwick St John or Mark Farwell's event.

'Mean Chameen' - Pickering
Independent - 'Mean Chameen', Pickering

A very interesting modification of the original Sledge where the powered Weight Box moves itself using hydraulics. Look closely and you can see the ram...

Storm Force
Independent - 'Storm Force', Forest of Dean

Built in 2012 by Dave Read, Darren Larkham and the team down in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

Forest of Deam Mini Sledge
Independent - Forest of Dean 'Mini' Sledge

Built in early 2012 by Messers Read and Larkham specifically for Vintage Tractor and 4 x 4's, the precursor to 'Storm Force'...

Welland Sledge - Independent
Independent - The Welland Sledge

One of the three original BTPA Sledges of this design which, after a few outings to Dorset has become a permanent fixture at Welland. Yes, the drivers do end up with sore necks after three days of Pulling.

The new Cornish Sledge in 2017

The Cornish Sledge circa 2005 - Independent

Independent - The Cornish Sledge

Before and after photographs of the 'big' Cornish Sledge. Built by the Lobb brothers hadn't been seen in public for may years but made a return at Padstow in 2012... I'm told it was a bit of a beast to pull!

Ian Wilton (pulling the Sledge with 'Mr Dweebs') has made numerous improvements and for 2018 it will feature a tilting pan.

The Cornish Sledge - Independent
Independent - Old Cornish Sledge

Ian Wilton and Mark Miller ran this little Sledge down in Cornwall but don't let its diminutive size fool you. It's a very effective weight transfer device.

Now superseded by the 'big' Sledge (see above), it may end up by being used for vintage tractors and 4-WD vehicles. Watch this space!

'Pulling Power' - Barnard Castle
Independent - 'Steele's Pulling Power', Barnard Castle

Although it looks like a twin of the Welland Sledge (one of the three original 'BTPA' Sledges), 'Steele's Pulling Power' was built by Alex & Will Steele from Dunfirmlin, Fyfe, north of the border in Scotland, but is now owned by John Toulson.

'The Bogey Man' - Barnard Castle
Independent - 'The Bogey Man', Cheshire?

This was one of the two 'resident' Barnard Castle Sledges however I understand it has now been re-homed and is now owned by Paul Jackson.

Unless there are two Paul Jackson's in the Independent Pulling circuit, then this is the gentleman who bought 'Mr.Shifter II' from Kevin Jackson in Hertfordshire....


The Challenger
Independent - 'The Challenger' (Kate & Stuart Seabridge)

Purchased from the Dawes brothers in Bedale, Yorkshire and brought down to Shropshire by Kate and Stewart in 2006. Used at Anglesea, Crew, Onslow Park, St. Asaph and other events in the Shropshire area.

Have a look at the Challenger Tractor Pulling web site.

Scottish Independent Sledge

The Hebburn Sledge

Independent - Leyland Tractor Pullers

There is a rumour that this is actually a Foresting Forwarder pointing in the wrong direction...

Mind you, it does bear a strong resemblance to a Volvo BM!

Originally from Scotland it now resides in the North East in the tender care of Matt McDermid.



Last seen on its way to Hebburn, Tyne & Wear. Could this become a replacement for one of the Barnards Castle Sledges, or does Matt McDermid have other plans for it. Watch this space...

Unknown Sledge
??? - Unknown Sledge

Does anyone recognise this Sledge and shed any light on what it is and where it is?

Brimfield Sledge
Independent - Brimfield Vintage Club

Based in Ludlow, Shropshire, this Sledge works in a similar fashion to the Malpas Club's 'Radish Planter'. The box is driven forward by the ground wheels and returned to its starting point via a strop attached to the back of the box to which the pullback tractor is connected.

Pulling the Sledge back down the track also pulls the weight box back... The Puller is Roger Kear driving 'Skunkworks'.

Abergavenny Vintage Tractor Pulling
Abergavenny Vintage Tractor Pulling

Aparently called 'The Admon Turwick' which I feel sure must have something to do with Simon Turgis who runs the club.

This Sledge is only used for vintage tractors, in line with the US Pulling Classes.


Eire (Irish) Tractor Pulling Sledges

Leinster Anchor Pulling Team
Independent - 'Leinster Anchor'

A new Eire Independent Sledge being built by Grattan Kealy. Details to follow...

'Shock Wave' (Eire)
ITPC - 'Shock Wave'

A new Eire Sledge which made its Pulling debut in 2012 and it's a beauty as you can see.

Details to follow...