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Photo Gallery

Shillingstone 2006

Dragon PowerDave Phillips from Newport in Gwent with his new Puller 'Dragon Power'. The engine is a straight-6 7½ litre Ford from a TX66 Combine. He is now running a KKK Turbo out of a 14 litre MAN Truck!
Major AggroAnother new Puller for 2006, 'Major Aggro' from Solihull in the West Midlands. This beast is run by Phil ('Pikey') Parker and Darren ('Mandy') Mann.

Rusty NailJames Slater from Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire with his Perkins V8 powered Puller. A Project sill 'under construction'. He usually runs 'All The Way'.

Rusty NailJames Slater's Puller driven by James Yardley. James melted the clutch on his 7½ litre Ford V8 Petrol engined Puller. Old engine but new body and transmission.
Devils DogKevin Frampton with his Ford 5610, another new Puller for 2006. The engine came out of 'She's a Perfect 10', but is actually blue instead of red primer.
Mad MasseyDave Spencer from Alcester near Stratford-on-Avon with the twin Cummins 6BTA engined 'Mad Massey'. Dave is now in his second season of Pulling. Steve Knight also drives the Puller along with Dave.
Major MoverDarren Trower (the Nigel Mansell of Tractor Pulling) with 'Major Mover' from Cheltenham. Darren is another member of the strong Welland contingent who made the journey down.
C & O ExpressColin Penny with 'C & O Express', an aptly named Puller as it is one of the fastest tractors on the circuit. There is a rumor that this may be Colin's last season of Pulling.
The FoxNo Tractor Pulling event in the South of England would be complete without Bill Parker and 'The Fox'. Bill is one of the original few who started Tractor Pulling in the UK.
ParkesAlan Parker better known as 'Parkes' (yes he is related to Bill). His 8340 7½ litre Ford GMA was running twin Turbo's last season but now sports a rather large Holset.
The MinibeastAnother member of the Parker family who is very active in the sport. Ned Parker with what I jokingly refer to as 'The Minibeast'. Straigh-6 360 Cargo engine with a very big Bosch Injector pump.
Fippeny Fury'Stormin Norman', aka Norman Young who so ably organized the Tractor Pulling at Shillingstone. 'Fippeny Fury' running with water injection on and loads of smoke...
Jerry EllisJerry Ellis from Telplecoombe in Somerset with his 6.2 litre straight-6 Ford truck engine. Jerry thinks it originally came out of a 'D' Series lorry.
Track MarshallSlow but steady does it. A visitor in the shape of a 'Track Marshall' from nearby Stourpaine.
Midland Sherpa SparesWhen is a Leyland-DAF Sherpa not a Sherpa. When it's a 14 litre Cummins engined 38-tonne ERF Tractor unit in disguise! 'Midland Sherpa Spares' (the original Monster Truck) driven by Steve Brown, aka 'Weasel'.
Spain (Pete Evans)The hard working Tractor Pulling commentator Pete ('Spain') Evans in typical pose. Pete is part of the Midland Sherpa Spares outfit, so he can be just a touch biased about 'MSS'.
Landford SledgeBob Tanner waiting to hook up the next Puller. This was the first outing for the magnificent Landford Sled which had been completely re-designed and re-built over the winter. All credit must go to the team.
The Pullback Tractor driven by Paul Parker who, along with Ned Parker, Darren and Richard Angel and Bob Tanner worked so hard to give the Pullers a real challenge. The Sledge managed to stop everything in its track, including the Track Marshall!