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Peak Vale Tractor Pulling

Peak Vale Pulling Rules

Peak Vale Pulling's 'The Stinger'

For the 2012 Pulling Season Peak Vale have tightened their rules quite significantly and therefore the new Rules are reproducted here in full: -

The following conditions are the minimum safety requirements for any tractor wishing to pull the Peak Vale sledge...

Puller Rules

1. All tractors:

1.1. A roll bar, of sufficient construction to protect the driver in the event of an overturn, must be fitted.

1.2. Wheelie bars, of sufficient construction to carry the weight of the tractor, must be fitted. The wheelie bars must protrude outside of the diameter of the rear tyres and must be no more than 300mm from the ground.

1.3. A seat belt, that is sufficient to hold the driver in the tractor seat, must be fitted.

1.4. All mechanical (engine driven) fans must be sufficiently guarded so that in the event of a fan failure no part of it can escape from the engine compartment.

1.5. Throttles must return to idle when released.

1.6. Tractors must be deemed "fit for purpose" by the PVTPC scrutinisers, e.g. Batteries and weights secured, relevant bodywork in place etc.

1.7. All exhaust pipes must finally direct gases vertically.

2. Additional conditions for non-turbo tractors

2.1. A remote stop must be fitted to the tractor which will allow the sledge operator to stop or reduce the engine to idle, this may take the form of a kill flap over the air intake or a fuel cut off. The remote stop cable must be terminated at the rear of the tractor within easy reach of the hook person when being attached to the sledge.

3. Additional conditions for turbo tractors

3.1. A kill flap must be fitted to the tractors air intake which will cause the tractor to stall or be reduced to near idle rev's when operated. The kill flap cable must be terminated at the rear of the tractor within easy reach of the hook person when being attached to the sledge.

3.2. Cross bolts must be fitted in the exhaust pipe which are sufficient to stop a complete turbo impeller leaving the exhaust pipe. A minimum 2 number 10mm 8.8 grade bolts is required, more bolts maybe required in larger diameter exhaust pipes.

4. Additional conditions for tractors using any other fuel instead of or in addition to Diesel

4.1. Tractors must be fitted with a fire extinguisher that is suitable for the type of fuel being used. (For more information see )

5. Additional conditions for high revving tractors (over 3000rpm Approx)

5.1. Tractors must be fitted with a steel flywheel

5.2. Tractors must have bell housings sufficiently guarded so that in the event of part or the entire flywheel becoming detached it is contained with the confines of the tractor. This may take the form of a shatter blanket or 10mm thick steel shroud around the length of the bell housing.

5.3. Tractors must be fitted with side panels that are sufficient to stop engine parts leaving the engine compartment in the event of catastrophic engine failure.

5.4. Tractors must not be fitted with mechanical cooling fans.

Event Rules

Please read the following safety guidance if you would like to take part in any PVTPC events...the following rules are in place to ensure the safety of everybody in the tractor pulling area including spectators.

General Rules

1. All entrants must provide a signature on arrival on site to confirm their agreement to operate under PVTPC rules.

2. All drivers must sign the PVTPC disclaimer confirming they hold appropriate public liability insurance prior to pulling the sledge.

3. The liability for ANY incidents caused by drivers other than those on the entry form will be the direct responsibility of the entrant.

4. No Alcohol is to be consumed in the tractor pulling area. Show grounds are classed as public highways; all drivers are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that they are legally fit to drive.

5. All members of the club have a duty to report concerns to the Peak Vale sledge operators or a committee member immediately.

6. All tractors will be subject to scrutineering by Peak Vale sledge operators before they are allowed to pull the sledge.The scrutiniser's decision is final.

7. Organisers reserve the right to refuse the person entered to pull or access to the site.

Rules when pulling the sledge

1. Seat belts must be worn whilst hooked to the sledge.

2. No gear changing/ snatching during a pull.


Legacy Rules (now superceeded by the above Rules)

The Peak Vale Pulling team have slightly changed their rules relating to Puller safety features for 2010 so here they are reproduced in full: -

Any tractor owner pulling the Peak Vale Sledge will be subject to compliance with our safety rules...

ESSENTIAL Safety Features

The following safety features are essential and tractors will not be allowed to pull without them: -

Wheelie Bars - these must be substantial enough to prevent the tractor rearing up and going over backwards.

Tractor Ignition - tractors must start and stop with the driver seated on the tractor.

Roll Bar, Roll Cage or Safety Cab - these must be substantial enough to protect the driver should an accident occur and the tractor overturn.

Driver Seat Belt/Lap Belt - these must be fitted and used and are important to prevent the operator being thrown or falling from the tractor seat.

Kill Flap/Safety Flap (NEW FOR 2010) - these must be fitted to all modified tractors

Kill Flap assembly

An air intake cut off, linked to the sledge.

Kill Flap cable by hitch

The cable is situated to the left hand side of the hitch (see picture).

Additional safety features

These are advisable but not essential at this time, may include: -

Cross bolts through the exhaust pipe (if engine is turbo charged) - in case of turbo disintegration i.e. impeller

Engine Side Protection Panels - to ensure that the engine component failure does not result in dangerous projectiles leaving the tractor (link to U Tube video - look at this!)

Please Note

Peak Vale Sledge operators reserve the right to refuse permission for any tractor to pull the sledge if the safety features on the tractor are absent, sub-standard or if there are any other safety issues.

The Peak Vale Sledge has a number of safety features and operates successfully and safely, but if a driver is concerned about any aspect of sledge safety, please speak to one of the operators.

All drivers pull the sledge at their own risk.

If you require any further clarification please e-mail or phone us at Peak Vale Tractor Pulling.