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Tractor Pulling Reports

Pickering 2010

This report was originally posted by Phil Maine on the UKTP Board but I think it deserves a wider audience: -

Oh what a fantastic time I had up there. I booked the time off an went up on the Wednesday. Now I didn't have any passes to get in but thought I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I turned up in my little green mini, sadly not the big 'un due to the new shocks I had ordered having not arrived. Pulling in to the main gate of the Pickering show ground I came to the first Security check point.

They were all chatting to each other not watching the road so..... I drove on. Round the corner I joined a small queue. Walking down the queue were two blokes with clipboards. They said "Alright mate"... Nice people up there... I said I'm with the Tractor Pulling.... He then said "Carry along the track an there on your left", then he walked off. Brilliant!! I was in! I will just say if you try this next year, don't shout at me if it don't work for you, but you never know!!! Anyway I drove in to the Tractor Pulling arena and said hello. I then set up camp next to Richard Angle and Jen Wiggall.

Pulling started Thursday morning and I do apologize to all as I was on the mic; even worse not just Thursday but Friday, Saturday an Sunday. Between the pulling we was very much entertained by Richard (Yorkshire puller with a blue Foden tractor unit, ermm Cummins 14ltr) and 'Mush' (Sledge operator) with their Tractor Mower Racing and back to back. Tom Wall and dad Kieran also entertained the crowed with more back to back with a selection of the tractors they have got. Also a chap called Steve with his little Fergie joining Tom an Kieran on their Fergie's in a triangle formation on the front of the sledge. I did say to the crowed.. the RAF have the 'Red Arrows', well we have the 'Gray Sparrows' (boom, boom, Ed.).

Saturday being the big night, Graham had brought a.. now I was calling it a Armoured Radio Transporter with a Rolls Royce engine.. and crushed a car. It was his first time and made a great job off it. Alex from North Ayrshire, Scotland was taking it easy due to head gasket problems at Uttoxeter but was still showing the crowd how he can very cleverly change up a gear while on the Pull. Well I would tell the crowed that he will change up one gear, then he did a second gear change and showed me up. On the Saturday he gave me the three fingers just before he pulled off. I said wait for the two gear changes to the crowed and then Alex banged it the third one in; sweet! I gave the impression that he had showed me up again... Alex does earn the title of the 'Flying Scotsman' that I gave him in 2007.

Well I could go on for ages... Can I just thank all the Yorkshire lads for making me so welcome and for letting me be the idiot on the mic, also a BIG thank you to all Pullers that where there. You all put a great show on and made Pickering 2010 a fantastic show! Hope to see you in 2011...

Phil Maine aka 'Ahh Kid'.

I've taken the liberty of making a few (very minor) grammatical changes

Orllwyn Teifi Horse Fair & Tractor Pull, Croeslan, Llandysul, Wales

Well, judging from the lack of members of the public (and Tractor Pullers for that matter) I guess the mix didn't quite work out in practice.

Welland 2007

It was well worth the wait! The event which usually takes place on the last week-end in July had to be rescheduled to September as a result of the appalling flooding which effected Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Great pulling but a rather long list of breakages, but since it's more or less the last event of the season the owners have plenty of time to fix the problems. Well, here are the main casualties: -

Dragon Power - (Dave Phillips) Melted a piston so was no longer able to pull (luckily Dave has two Pullers).

Forest Thunder - (Paul Dean & Darren Larkham) Throttle cable broke but they were able to continue with the aid of a stout piece of synthetic cord.

G-Force - (Giles Moston) Leaking radiator which was too bad to fix using Radweld or an egg white.

Good Vibrations - (Paul 'Chunk' Watts) Mangled its gearbox.

Logset - (Damian Davies) the Turbo gave up the ghost on Saturday leaving Damian with a normally aspirated puller.

Mad Massey - (Dave 'Gaffa' Spencer & Steve Knight) Broke its Eaton gearbox on Saturday and took no further part in the proceedings.

Major Aggro - (Darren 'Manny' Mann & Phil 'Pikey' Parker) Prop shaft universal joint broke in spectacular fashion. Unfortunately it was the wrong one (the American end) which broke!

Rochfords - (Gerry Ellis) Turbo gave up the ghost (I think) so no more pulling for Gerry.

Stuart Heath - Broke the back end of his Nuffield on the first day.