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Photo Gallery

Pickering 2006

Many thanks to Jim Thain ('Timberman') and Tom Wall ('TJW') for giving permission for the use of their photographs on this website. Here are a few images to remind ourselves of the great Tractor Pulling at Pickering in North Yorkshire.

All the WayJames Slater who made the long journey from Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire to pull with 'All the Way' (built in England, refined in Wales).

The engine is a 5.9 litre Ford 360T from a Cargo truck which has had a major rebuild and now sports Wills Rings to aid combustion.

Photo: Jim Thain

Massey FergusonA very nicely turned out V8 powered Massey Ferguson.

Photo: Jim Thain

NuffieldA modified Nuffield.

Photo: Jim Thain

Marshall MP6Tom Wall driving Keiran Wall's Marshall MP6 which is powered by a straight-6 12 litre Perkins TX diesel. The basic Puller is more Foden than Marshall with a Fuller gearbox and Rockwell back axle.

Kieran and Tom built the Marshall in 2005 when is had its first outing at Pickering.

Photo: Jim Thain

Massey Ferguson MF168Alex from Scotland with his Massey Ferguson MF168 with a turbocharged Perkins 6354 diesel. This 5.8 litre lump has an excellent power to weight ratio.

Photo: Jim Thain

Fordson Major V8A V8 powered Fordson Major

Photo: Jim Thain

LeylandA modified Leyland getting it wheels off the ground as the drag from the sledge makes is presence felt.

Photo: Jim Thain

Master Blaster'Master Blaster', a Fordson Major based Puller driven by Mike Atkinson from Stockport in Cheshire getting up a 'nice head of steam' - smoking!

'Master Blaster' is fitted with a Ford straight-6 360T engine and Bosch pump and this was its frist outing for 12-years. Way to go Mike!

Photo: Jim Thain - Information kindly supplied by Iain McCallum.

Dragon PowerDave Phillips from Newport in Gwent driving 'Dragon Power'. For some reason the normal 'Bassaleg Hire' board is missing from the top of the bonnet and by the end of the show so was one of the valves which had an argument with the top of a piston. Oops, that's gonna hurt in the morning (or wallet for that matter)...

Photo: Jim Thain

Ken NeasomThe 'Italian Stallion' Ken Neasom pulling in his own inimitable style with his licorice all-sorts of a tractor. The tin work says Leyland 285 but it's actually a Leyland 272 with a Marshall 702 back end. Confusing isn't it!

Just for the record the engine is a 1700 straight-6 from Leyland DAF truck made in 1991, complete with compressor.

Photo: Jim Thain

Apple PieKeiran Wall from Ampleforth showing off his new Fordson E27N Puller called 'Apple Pie'. Well actually only the radiator and fuel tank are original Fordson.

The engine is a straight-6 Ford 380 with a 4-speed gearbox and Fordson Diesel Major back-end and a big turbo.

Photo: Jim Thain

Just to prove Tractor Pulling is a family thing, here are a few of the younger Pullers having a go (with just a little help from the adults.

If you think the sledge looks a bit familiar you're right. The last outing was at Hullavington for the British Tractor Challenge 2006! It used to belong to James Slater.

Photo: Tom Wall

Mean Machine (Tuttie)'Mean Machine' (aka 'Tuttie') a Perkins V8 turbocharged Leyland driven by Thomas Wright from County Durham.

Photo: Tom Wall

Black BeastPaul Sawdon driving his awesome 'Black Beast' fitted with two normally aspirated Perkins V8's. Paul co-owns the Puller along with Messers Willis and Lund.

Photo: Tom Wall

International 634Tony Hares with his modified International 634.

Photo: Tom Wall

Major MoverDarren Trower, the Nigel Mansell of Tractor Pulling driving 'Major Mover' which made to long journey up from Gloucester.

Darren is now running ERL Aquamist injection on his 6.2 litre Ford 380D.

Photo: Tom Wall

The Thing'The Thing' driven by Colin Allanson which has a Fordson Major back-end with a V8 engine at the front.

Photo: Tom Wall

Zetor 8011This Zetor 8011 now sports a Perkins power plant and belongs to Carl Simpson.

Photo: Tom Wall

G-ForceGiles Moston from Cheshire driving 'G-Force' which is a little hobby on the side for this student of Agricultural Engineering. God only knows what hell come up with when he's fully qualified?

The power plant is a Ford 380T straight-6 which has been dyno 'd and went off the scale at 350 bhp! Giles has added 4 water injector to the manifold which are running on a water/methanol mix.

Photo: Tom Wall

Sweet Sixteen'Sweet Sixteen', an International 634 fitted with two V8's being driven by Gavin Stainthorpe.

Photo: Tom Wall

As you can see, I still haven't made the trip up to Pickering myself, so it anyone can fill in some of the missing details for the captions, please e-mail me.