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UKTP News followup

UKTP News Updates - Follow up

So who should govern our sport? - Continued

Since this original UKTP editorial has provoked comment, rather than posting the replies on the Forum, they have been placed on this follow-up page, with the full permission of the authors. If you wish to add a comment, please e-mail UKTP...

Reply to John posted on the UKTP Message Board by Graeme Simpson, 29th April, 2012

Richard, can I start by apologising if you feel my comments are trying to score brownie points for the BTPA, as this is most definitely not the case. As we both know, the BTPA is certainly not without it's faults!

With regards to scare mongering regarding the sport farm class, that is not what I want to achieve. Getting new people into the sport is the only way for it to prosper.

I am perhaps slightly biased when I say I don't like the cast iron clutches, as having been at Keith on the day of the accident it is just something I personally never want to see again. I too have spoke with Sascha Mecking and you are right, that a very similar class runs on the continent no problem, and with the rules enforced the chances of an accident happening are very slim to say the least. I will admit, an accident waiting to happen is perhaps too strong a term to use to describe it. I just like to take as much precautions as possible to avert any possible accidents… maybe that's just something that has been drummed into me by my damn job though…

Graeme Simpson

Graeme Simpson driving 'True Blue'

Editors Note: For those who may not know, Graeme works in the Offshore Oil Industry as an engineer.

Comment posted on the UKTP Message Board by John Sowerby, 29th April, 2012

This is a response to the comments from Graeme Simpson on the news section of this website. I feel these comments are somewhat in inaccurate with some facts left out, in a attempt to belittle the SWTPA. Nothing more than trying to score brownie points for the BTPA, but it is the comments about the SWTPA sport farm class that has got me somewhat angered. It is in my opinion that this is nothing more than scare mongering.

The Sport Farm Class was formed in the SWTPA with help from myself and my father in an attempt to get new blood in the sport of competitive pulling. It is a low powered stock altered tractor class with limits on horsepower and RPM very similar to the EPTC farm stock rules, which if you have look at you find we have a lower horsepower and more safety equipment needed for this type of class. These are not required in europe and the class does require clutch shielding of steel or shatter blanket.

To compare the class to the one in Scotland is nothing more than misguided and dishonest scare mongering. BULLSHIT in other words, how the hell can this class be basically the same? As you know the tractor involved was Deutz Modified. This is a stock class, we are not allowing Modified's to run at lower spec at all.

After seeing your comments on this I decided to have talk to Sascha Mecking. As you may know he is the chairman of the EPTC Farm Stock Committee, he doesn't think this class a disaster waiting to happen and the Dutch have run thousands of competitions for 15 years using these rules with no problems. He also went on to say, as an association if you request all newcomers to put in certified clutches and flywheels in all your Farm classes you my as well dig yourself a big hole and jump in! The real disaster is when you have pullers and groups without any rules and don't have clue about what could happen.

Anyway this is still a free country and you are welcome to your opinion. If you still feel the SWTPA Sport Farm Class with two tractors that I know this year is "disaster waiting to happen". Then with 40 plus tractors in one country alone, Europe must be looking at a catastrophe. Where widespread destruction and carnage will be so bad, the blood, guts and body count will be unimaginable !!

As you can see with a few half facts and political spin you can over dramatise anything !

Richard Sowerby.

A nobody involved in tractor pulling.


John Sowerby

E-mail by Graeme Simpson, 12th April, 2012

... An interesting note is that although the USA is sort of the "holy grail" for tractor pullers worldwide, it is not without its fair share of problems. There is of course the legendary NTPA, but in recent years the Lucas Oil Sponsored PPL (Pro Pulling League) has been gathering momentum. This causes some pullers with a dilemma as to which event to attend, as points pulls for both clubs tend to be on the same days. The bottom line though is that pullers can pull with both clubs if they so wish, as both clubs use NASOA (North America Sled Operators Association) licensed sleds. Also stand alone events such as the National Farm Machinery Show, the biggest indoor pull on the planet, can have pullers from any such club they wish, as the sled used is once again a licensed one.

As much as I admire the SWTPA for gaining new pullers and getting people started in the sport, the fact that they are the only competitive tractor pulling club in Europe to use an unsanctioned Sled must raise eyebrows....


Graeme Simpson

STPC Vice Chairman

E-mail by Graeme Simpson, 11th April, 2012

I couldnt agree more that the sport is in a severly fractured state in this country, and the solution is for everyone to pull together.

In my personal opinion the BTPA should be the governing body and follow ETPC rules, regardless of whether anyone wants to pull in Europe or not, as lets face it the majority of pullers in the UK have no interest or the finances to compete abroad. The solution in my eyes is for the SWTPA to get their sledge up to the latest ETPC spec and get it inspected by an ETPC inspector. Although many SWTPA pullers do not see the reason to pull a sanctioned sledge the bottom line is that all other clubs in Europe, whether they are governed by the ETPC or not, use an ETPC sanctioned sledge, as they are in plentiful supply to hire in for a reasonable rate!

My idea would be for the SWTPA to get their sledge, or sledges, sanctioned for use at ETPC events, this would allow pullers to compete with both clubs. In Scotland we run our own points championship, but can still compete on the BTPA circuit at NWTPC events and MTPC events. All 3 clubs within the BTPA have their own points championships (NWTPC, MTPC, STPC). I feel that the SWTPA could continue holding their own points championship, and if they so desired could turn one of the events into a BTPA points event for certain classes whilst still competing for SWTPA points. This could then potentially mean that there could be a British Championship in all 4 "corners" of the UK.

On another note the UKTP website under pulling in the UK lists the SWTPA as running under ETPC rules outwith the BTPA's eye. This is sadly incorrect as the SWTPA do not follow ETPC sled rules, or truck rules, and their sport farm class I fear is a disaster waiting to happen. Many pullers went independant following the terrible clutch explosion suffered in Scotland before we joined the BTPA and the new sport farm class rules are basically the same but sport farm does not require a shatter blanket!

It seems that it takes a terrible accident before people jump into action, sadly not for better either....

Hopefully some food for thought.


Graeme Simpson

STPC Vice Chairman
True Blue Tractor Pulling Team

Graeme Simpson