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UK Tractor Pullers

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International Pulling Web Sites

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European Tractor Pulling Events

UK Tractor Puller Sites
Bear Essentials Pulling Team Mike Simmons, Gareth Jones, Andy Miller, Nathan Jones and the merry Valmet Tractor Pulling Team. Andy also has a rather nice page here...
BWA Racing - the home of Desperate Dan and Little Dan Brian Armistead's Tractor Pulling web site, the home of 'Desperate Dan', one of Europes most powerful Modified Pullers and 'Little Dan', a V8 Chevy-powered Mini Modified.
Clarke Pulling Team Peter Clarke, Geoff Ashcroft & the team.
Cornish Tractor Pullers The Facebook page of the Cornish Tractor Pullers which has some very useful information about their Tractors...
Forest Vehicle and Vintage Machinery Club A group of like-minded friends from the Forest of Dean who have a 'baby' sledge and are now building a 'big-un'!
Just Smoky Dave Jones and his team. The web site is coming soon...
Leyland Tractor Pullers The web site for a group of Tractor Pullers based in the north of England who run the Pulling at Barnards Castle and other events in the area...
Malpaqs Tractor Pulling Club A small group of Tractor Pullers based in Malpas, Shropshire who hold regular Pulling events...
Oh Bonnie The 'Oh Bonnie' team consists of Mark and Sarah Sudell and Alistair and Lisa Parkinson.
One Trick Pony

The web site of Rob Uphill and his very merry bunch of men...

'One Trick Pony' is the successor to 'The Huntsman'.

Peak Vale Tractor Pulling Club Home of the Peak Vale Pulling Team (Neil Green and Matt Joplin) and their Sledge, 'The Stinger'.
Pist n' Broke Pulling Team Scotlands only Over 401 Prostock owned and run by Alex Rearie from Freuchie, Fife...
Rough Justice & Trial 'n' Error Martin Nicholson and Mark Edginton.
Simply Red Pulling Team

John & Lorena have been involved with Tractor Pulling for over 10 years. John's involvement extended to being an member of the very successful Desperate Dan Team.

Team Whittingham The Tractor pulling site for the Whittingham family and team which is all part of Whittingham's Farm Supplies Ltd.
UK Pulling web sites
Challenger Tractor Pulling Home of the 'Challenger' Sledge from Whitchurch in Shropshire owned and operated by Kate and Stuart Seabridge.
FullPull Website An independent 'BTPA' web site which seems to still be 'under construction'.
Deskford Tractor Pullers The aim of this site is to keep people up to date with what the tractor pullers from the North East of Scotland are doing.
Torque Reaction Torque Reaction, Farmgirls Tractor Pulling Blog Spot which often has some very though-provoking comments...
UK Tractor Pulling Organisations

The ruling body of Tractor Pulling in the United Kingdom.

Cumbria Tractor Pulling Club Formed in 2012 as a BTPA affiliate, running events at Kirkbride...
Midland Tractor Pullers Club

Midland Tractor Pullers Club are building a new Pulling track at Shakespeare County Raceway...

North East Tractor Pulling Club A new truck and tractor puling association based in Scotland (successor to the STTPC), affiliated to the SWTPA and the IOPD.
North West Tractor Pulling Club

The organisers of Great Eccleston and Kirkbride, near Carlisle. The NWTPC was formed back in 1978, making us the largest and longest-running Tractor Pulling club in the UK.

Power Pulling Association The PPA promotes and runs 350Kg Garden Class, 600Kg Compact Diesel Class, 950Kg B & A Class Mini Modified and 1050Kg Mini Modified tractor pullers in the UK.

Tractor Pulling north of the border in God's country.

South West Tractor Pullers Association

South West Tractor Puller Association.

UK Motor Sport Governing Organisation
IOPD The UK Governing Body for all Off Highway Auto Events, including Tractor Pulling.
International Tractor Puller Sites
The Backdraft web site Backdraft, a Dutch Modified team running with a 27-litre Meteor engine.
Bad Boy's Toy Bad Boy's Toy, a Dutch V8 Massey Prostock Puller. Nice site!
Blue Hazard Tractor Pulling Team The web site of the Dutch Blue Hazard Tractor Pulling Team and the driver, Renate van Riet...
Team Centurie

Team Centurie, Rasmus Rasmussen, Ole and Martin Mikkelsen and the rest of the team from Denmark.

Dart Side of the Moon Dick and Angela Schokkin, Marco Hillen and the rest of the team who run the Dutch 'Dark Side' Puller.
DeJong Special Pulling Team Home of the 'DeJong Special'. The team comprises Toine & Geert de Jong and Bart van Beek who run two Methanol Meteor V12's with Allison Superchargers. If that isn't impressive enough, the Puller is entirely homemade from the ground upwards!
Dieter-Modelle Dieter van der Linde's web site. Dieter specialises in making very impressive and highly detailed models of Tractor Pullers...
D'N Aerdvruter Tractor Pulling Team The Dutch Super Stock D'N Aerdvruter Tractor Pulling Team. Sorry, no English translation!
Green Monster Logo The big machine. The German Green Monster site.
Helmi-Orvokki from Finland

The web site of the Finnish Helmi-Orvokki Team who run a Modified and a Truck Puller.

Interaction Kools The website of the Dutch Interaction team and Bram and Manon Kools...
Lady Green Pulling

Lady Green Pulling, aka 'Squadron 64' (Glorious Basterds), a Dutch Pulling Team led by Ronald Bartels who run a John Deere with a rather unuaual paint job...

The site is well worth a visit because they don't take themselves too seriously!

Neighbours Nightmare Pulling Team The Dutch ProStock team from Schijf. Although the site is in Dutch it's well worth a visit. Nice layout...
The van Alphen 'Popey' Team A link to John Van Alphen's 'Popeye' web site, a Dutch Puller powered by V12 Allison's.
Rabbit G'n Mad & Blue Rabbit Rabbit Pulling Team Owned by Henry Svenningsen from Denmark They run in the 3500 kg. Pro-Stock DM Series and 3500 kg Super-Stock Euro-cup.
Rattle and Hum A group of students from the CAH Vilentum who participating in the Two Wheel Drive championship of the NTTO.
Team Red Devil

Home of the Dutch Team Red Devil Pulling Team...


Red Impact Tractor Pulling Team Home of the Dutch 'Red Impact' Team from Haasdonk. The Puller is based on an International 1086.
Red Painter Logo The German Red Painter Puller site. Well worth a look.
Valtra Pulling Pekka, Johanna and Matti Herlevi from Finland who run a Sigma Power Valtra. This has got to be one of the neatest Tractor Pulling web sites out there!
White Horse The web site of the Dutch White Horse Pulling Team based in Uden...
Wispering Giant Home of the Dutch 'Wispering Giant' Puller which is powered by 4 Isotov TV3-117M turbines and also the Holland Blankets which are fully ETPC approved.
Zeinstra Newborn Deere The web site of Sjors Zeinstra and the rest of the Team from Ouderkerk in the Netherlands. Arguably one of the most successful Pullers in the EuroCup series...
International Pulling web sites

Sascha Mecking's International Tractor Pulling site. Probably the definitive Pulling site in Europe.

Midnight Mistress Truck and Tractor Pulling Board (USA) This is a USA-based Message Board but don't let that put you off... Some very interesting posts can be found here!
NTPA - The US Tractor Pulling site This is where it all started... The NTPA is the major US Tractor Pulling site and contains a wealth of interesting and useful information.
The Pulling Depot The major US Tractor Pulling site with masses of information and links...
Pulloff - The Indepen US Pulling site This is an Independent US information exchange Tractor Pulling site. The biggest board there is...
Schizos Pulling Pics Anyone visiting Pullingworld will be familiar with Stephan Görtz's stunning Pulling photographs. Check out his own web site...
Tractorpull New Zeland Inc. The home of Tractor Pulling in New Zealand. Check the site out...
European Tractor Pulling Organisations

ETPC- The European Tractor Pulling Association

OTPO - Austria

BKTV - Belgium

DTP - Denmark

FTPA - Finland

FTPF - France

DTTO - Germany

MTPE - Hungary

ITPC - Ireland (Eire)

TPI - Italy

LTPF - Luxemburg

NTTO - Netherlands (Dutchieland)

NTPF - Norway

STPK - Sweden

STPV - Switzerland

Tractor Related Web Sites
Blue Force Logo If your interest lies with any type of tractor or machine related to the Ford name or from the Fordson, Ford or New Holland lines or one of the derivatives such as County, Doe, Muir-Hill, Roadless, industrial and commercial vehicles or any one of the many conversions based on Fordson or Ford skid units then Blue Force is for you...
Nuffield & Leyland Tractor Club The Club for all things Nuffield and Leyland and from personal experience a very friendly and hard working group of enthusiasts.
Tractor Mad Logo A small family business selling children's toys and gifts with a tractor related theme. Ideal for presents at any time of the year, not just for birthdays and Christmas.
Tractors Bazoom A new community site for tractor enthusiasts to show-off their machines. Users can vote, share and upload pictures. It's a community which has enjoyed a huge success in Denmark now kicks off in the UK.
Shows featuring Tractor Pulling and Preservation Society Sites
S. E. Davies & Son. S. E. Davis & Son Ltd. at Astwood Bank, Redditch not only host the NWVTEC Rally in June but also have the largest private collection of Plant and machinery in the country... Have a look at the Gallery page.
Three Okefords Preservation Society The Society which stages the Shillingstone Rally in mid May. Usually the first outing for the Dorset Sledge.
European Tractor Pulling Events
Ahoy Indoor Superpull The second of the Dutch indoor Pulling events held at Ahoy in Rotterdam.
Made's Power Weekend Probably the best of the European Tractor Pulling events held in Holand in early to mid June... If you're only ever going to visite one European event, this is the one to go to...
Zwolle Indoor Pull The first of the Dutch indoor Pulls held at Zwolle to the east of Amsterdam.