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Photo Gallery

Landford 2006

These photos were very kindly provided by Gabrielle Mann of the 'Major Aggro' team. A great Pulling event and our thanks to the organiser's and Sledge Crew for doing such a great job.

Major AggroDarren Mann driving the tandem twin-engined 'Major Aggro' from Solihull in the West Midlands. This Puller is co-owned with Phil Parker and is the subject of the current 'A Puller is Born' feature.

Good VibrationsPaul Watts (aka 'Chunk') with 'Good Vibrations', his New Holland 8160 based Puller which was built for him by Andrew ('Reever') Reeves and Geoff Garrett. One of the fastest tractors down the track! The back end of the Puller is actually a TW-10 which spent all its working life on the Broadlands Estate.

Paul is the MD of Wessex Fencing, so if you need some fencing, he's your man.

Black BettyJames ('Jimmer') Elton from Romsey driving 'Black Betty', powered by a 13 litre Perkins V8. James tells me his tractor uses about 1½ gallons of diesel on each pull!

When he's not Pulling the sledge, James is often to be found pulling stumps out of the ground with 'Black Betty' as part of his job as a Tree Surgeon.

Black DogDanniel Quinton on 'Black Dog', the Puller which melted No. 1 piston at Shillingstone in May. Danniel has completely re-built the engine since that disaster and now he and his father Peter ('Wobbly') now have a potent package to play with!

The engine is a Leyland 330TX producing well in excess of the original 330 bhp. 'Black Dog' is a totally re-built Leyland DAF Roadtrain tractor unit.

The GopherShaun ('Ginny') McGinn with his Puller now called 'The Gopher', going for the end of the track (get it?). 'The Gopher' is a Fordson Major based tractor with a straight-6 Ford Thames diesel out of a Ransomes 360 Combine. The Puller bought as a part finished project from a man called Craig in Wales and completed by Shaun in the early part of this year.

'The Gopher' runs on Biodiesel, which at £0.79 per litre (tax paid) is easier on the pocket as well as being much kinder to the environment.

Carol'Rage' Delahays under full power with his Puller 'Carol'. CRL are the registration letters of the tractor and he tell me his mothers name is Carol. His Ford 4000 is powered by a Ford 8700 straigh-6 with a TW-25 Bosch injector pump.

The original 4000 back-end came from a digger so it has 3 forward and 2 reverse gears, plus high and low ratio.

The FoxBill Parker driving 'The Fox' with his usual elan. 'The Fox' is driven by a New Holland 8630 straight-6 with a big Bosch pump which has been opened up. Alan ('Parkes') Parker had a hand in getting the most out of this combination.

I'm glad to report that Bill seems to have made a complete recovery from his recent hip surgery and tells me he now feels 'like a new man'. Long may he keep us entertained with his distinctive style of Pulling!

Trevor HealThe Perkins 6354 5.8 litre powered MF 699 driven by Trevor Heal from Wincanton in Somerset. The engine originally came out of a 17-tonne Dodge truck. 'Parkes' has worked with Trevor to produce a very potent package.

The present injector pump from a New Holland (which replaced the original Bosch unit) runs in the opposite direction, which caused a few interesting problems to the builders.