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Photo Gallery

Great Dorset Steam Fair 2007

Joungle Juice 'Shmoking' as Jim Carey would say in 'The Mask'... 'Joungle' driving 'Jungle Juice' making his Ford 8700 engine work hard for its living.

The back end of this Puller is a Ford 4000 but is actually from a digger so it has 3 forward and 2 reverse gears, not that 'Joungle' is actually planning to try pulling the Sledge in reverse gear.

Black Dog

A very rare site! 'Black Dog' with its front wheels off the ground. Yes the sharp-eyed amongst you may have realised that the radiator housing and grill have very little to do with Leyland. When you look at the full-sized image you'll see it says Caterpillar.

Judging from the headwear I thing this must be 'Wobbly' driving the former Leyland DAF Roadtrain Tractor Unit fitted with a Leyland 330TX straight-6.

Ken NeasomThe White Rose of York may give you a clue about this Puller. Its Ken Neasom (a.k.a. the 'Italian Stallion') driving his Leyland. The tin work says it's a 285 but in actual fact its a 272 with a Marshall 702 gearbox.

The engine is a Leyland DAF 1700 straight-6 which is still fitted with the original air compressor. Ken hails from Leeds in North Yorkshire, hence the flag... And you thought the Wars of the Roses finished hundreds of years ago...

Robert JonesRobert Jones from Llandovery in Wales sporting a 'short' exhaust system. Compare this image with this one taken at Welland less than a month later.

The Pullers power plant is a Ford D-series straight-6 with an opened-up Bosch injector pump, Ford Cargo Turbo and Seddon-Atkinson intercooler.

Fippeny FuryNorman ('Stormin Norman') Young driving 'Fippeny Fury' a Ford Cargo straight-6 running a Bosch 12mm injector pump with marine injector nozzles.

The turbo is a large Garrett, probably an L10 and the inlet manifold has water injection to help cool the pistons and increase air density

Norman is the Section Organiser for the Tractor Pulling, so it's him we have to thank for putting on such a good spectacle.

Rusty NailJames Slater from Broadhaven in Pembrokeshire with the 'Rusty Nail', his 'spare' Puller. The engine is a Perkins 510 V8 (8.3-litres) running the standard Minimec injector pump. I'm not going to mention the fact that the two Holset turbo's are different sizes... Oh dear, I just did didn't I...

Possibly PerfectionDave Phillips from Newport in Gwent with 'Possibly Perfection' which has just been re bodied and resprayed. The Puller used to be called 'Midland Sherpa Spares' and was painted maroon. Under the LDV body lurks an ERF 38-tonne Tractor Unit with a 14-litre Cummins straight-6.

Both of Dave's Pullers run on BioDiesel which is why some people have nicknames 'PP' the 'Newport Fryer'. Mind you, the way it charges up the track, maybe the 'Newport Flyer' would be a more appropriate name...

Redline FrenzyNo, honestly trust me, Richard Sowerby isn't actually running 'Redline Frenzy' on its own... Somewhere in all that dust is 'Total Overload', the Sledge!

For the technically minded all the details can be found by clicking this link. Richard very kindly put the full specifications and some great photographs on the Board.

The Puller is shared between Richard and John who run BGS at Bridgend in South Wales. If you're looking for Garden Machinery, they're the people to contact.

Noise Polution'Noise Pollution' driven be James Yardley. The only non-diesel Puller at the show...

Power is provided by a Ford 460 (7½-litre) V8 running with a Holly carb and a plenum chamber which has greatly improved the mixing of the fuel and air and made a marked difference in the power output.

As a result of a 'straw pole' the fans voted this Puller as the nosiest at the show...

Big Girl... closely followed by Andy Stevens and 'Big Girl', another V8 powered Puller. A supercharged 2-stroke Detroit Diesel. The chassis is an International Harvester 1040 which Andy chose because of its strength and robustness.

A strong gearbox and back axle are rather handy when you've got an 8½-litre supercharged 2-stroke in front of them.

Thorneycroft NubianA new perch for 'Squirrel'... Norman Young's Thonycroft Nubian Crash Tender driven by James Yardley with Steve Knight in the passenger seat.

A normally aspirated 13-litre Cummins V8 drives a Scammel semi-automatic gearbox via a torque converter which means this vehicle can change gear while in motion without any loss of motion. Nice trick... I want one!

Total CorrosionDarren Angel driving 'Total Corrosion' with guess who in the passenger seat. The chassis is a Seddon Atkinson artic with a 14-litre Cummins straight-6. The cab is from a David Brown 996 and the front axle and steering box come from a 7½-tonne Ford Cargo.

Just wait 'till the bodywork and paint job are finished.

Mad MasseySteve Knight from the West Midlands piloting the 'Mad Massey', 17½ feet of Puller powered by two Cummins 6BTA straight-6 diesels weighing in at 4.6-tonnes.

Odd front axle? Yes, it's the back axle from a Class Combine Harvester...

Owen MorganAnother Welsh Puller, Owen Morgan from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire driving a Volvo F10 in disguise...

The John Deere 7810 tin work does a rather good job of hiding a cut down Volvo truck with a 10-litre straight-6. The 16-speed gearbox has been retained and with the much larger back wheels Owen and John have managed to get 45 mph in 4th low, with another 12 gears to go!