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Photo Gallery

Great Dorset Steam Fair 2008

All the photographs on this page were taken by Jim Thain ('Timberman') which really put you right there in the thick of the Tractor Pulling action...

Ken NeasomKen Neasom, the 'Italian Stallion' from Leeds with his Leyland 272.

Owen MorganOwen Morgan from Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire running his Volvo F10 disguised as a John Deere 7810.

Robert JonesRobert Jones from Llandovery in South Wales. The black 'stuff' is oil, which is the product of a Turbo blowing.

Ian TannerIan Tanner from Gloucester driving his Ford 5000-based puller. This is Ian's second attempt a building a Puller, the first one being driven by Chris Morrison (see here).

Stuart DunnStuart Dunn from nearby Three Legged Cross driving 'Ruff 'n Ready' which used to belong to Paul 'Chunk' Watts.

'Jimmer' EltonJames 'Jimmer' Elton from Romsey driving 'Black Betty'.

Dale ButlerDale Butler with 'The Ant' which formerly belonged to James Slater. The original 330 engine has been replaced with a Ford 380 (6.2 litre).

'Jungle''Jungle' in typically exuberant style driving 'Jungle Juice'.

'Wobbly''Wobbly' with the big beast, 'Black Dog'.

Andrew QuintonAndrew Quinton, 'Wobbly's' son driving this 'yucky' Dijon Mustard coloured Puller called 'Jack & Harry', which used to belong to Alex Burnett.

Daniel QuintonThe youngest member of the Quinton 'clan' Daniel with his puller 'Good Vibrations' which oddly enough also used to belong to Paul 'Chunk' Watts.

Paul ParkerPaul Parker, who along with his brother Ned is one of the owners of the Landford Sledge, with his Ford 380-based Puller I call the 'Mini Beast'.

Phil ParkerPhil Parker (no relation to Ned and Paul) from Warwickshire driving the twin-engined 'Major Aggro'.

James YardleyJames Yardley from Pendock in Gloucestershire with the aptly-named 'Noise Pollution', powered by a 7½ litre Ford V8 petrol engine.

Keren YardleyThe second member of the Yardley family Pulling at the GDSF was Keren with the twin-turbo 'Air Pollution'. Girl-power rules...
'Stormin' Norman Young'Stormin' Norman Young from Okeford Fitzpaine driving 'Fippeny Fury'. Just as a matter interest, Norman is the Section Organiser for the Tractor Pulling at the GDSF.
Gareth Lockyer (aka 'Dingle')Gareth Lockyer, aka 'Dingle' with 'Forest Thunder', an Iveco Eurotech 380 44-tonne tractor unit in disguise.

Graham HillGraham Hill from Forefar on Tayside up in Scotland driving his Leyland 2145 fitted with a Leyland 698 straight-6 engine.

Alex SteeleAnother Scott, Alex Steele from Dunfirmlin in Fyfe with 'Grave Digger', a 1961 Dinkum Digger based on a Fordson Major, fitted with a Turbocharged 540 V8 which came out of a Fire Engine.

Tom ProutTom Prout, the Tractor Pulling Section Leader at the Welland Rally driving his trusty Ford 5000.

Chris MorrisonChris Morrison, originally from County Sligo in the west of Ireland with his International 634 fitted with a normally aspirated Perkins V8 out of a Fire Engine. This was Ian Tanner's first effort at building a Puller.

Steve KnightSteve Knight from near Alcester in Warwickshire driving his puller known as 'The Thing'. A ford 5000 digger back end with a 7½ litre TX66 Combine Harvester engine.

Alan ParkerAlan Parker, better known as 'Parkes' with his twin-turbo Ford 8340 with has a 7½ litre straight-6 GMA engine better known as a 'Genesis'.

Trevor HealTrevor Heal driving his 1985 vintage Massey Ferguson 699 fitted with a 5.8 Litre Perkins 6354 from a Doge 17-tonne truck.

Ben IngramBen Ingram, who along with Paul Davis now owns the 'Mad Massey' with two Cummins 6BTA engines.

Stuart MackStuart Mack from Drayton near Norwich driving 'Major Headache' fitted with a Ford 360T diesel.