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Photo Gallery

2007 Gallery

Croeslan, Llandysul, Wales

Possibly Perfection teamMost of the Bassaleg Hire team who worked so hard to give 'Possibly Perfection' a new body and coat of paint shortly before the Puller left the workshop for the short trip to the yard.

Possibly Perfection in NewportThis is not exactly a Pullers natural environment... 'Possibly Perfection' making the short run to the yard...

Possibly Perfection being loaded... to be driven onto the low-loader for the trip to Croeslan in West Wales.

Possibly Perfection'Possibly Perfection' making her (or is it his) debut on the Croeslan Pulling track showing how it should be done. The Cummins still sounded as sweet as anything but the beautiful paint job didn't stay clean for very long!

For the technically minded the engine is a straight-6 14-litre with a Cummins PT fuel system and Cummins HC3-1 turbo.

Dragon PowerDave Phillips again, this time driving 'Dragon Power', a Ford 5610 with 7½-litre straight-6 from a TX66 Combine Harvester engine.

Balrick (David Jones)David Jones (aka 'Baldrick') from Llandovery with his Nuffield 10/60. The engine is a 5.7-litre Leyland straight-6, possibly out of a Clydesdale lorry.

The BatmobileThis unusual looking Puller is the 'Batmobile' owned by Andrew Thomas from Haverfordwest. The back-end is a 1964 Fordson Major (or it may be a Power Major) fitted with a V6 Supercharged 2-stroke Detroit Diesel complete with a D6 Cat turbo.

If you think the front axle looks a little odd that's because it's the back axle from a John Deere Forage Harvester!

Martin EadyMartin Eady from Llandovery driving MAD594 in his own inimitable style. OK in may not be the fastest run but nevertheless it is different!

The power plant is a straight-6 6.2-litre Ford 380T still running with the original Sims in-line injector pump.

Mr. Tom (Fred Fowler)The distinctive head-gear identifies Fred Fowler from Staunton in Gloucestershire driving 'Mr. Tom', a Fordson Super Major fitted with a straight-6 Ford 360T Cargo engine.

Mr. Tom (Roy Parry)Same Puller ('Mr. Tom') but different driver. This time it's Roy Parry from Newent (Gloucestershire) behind the wheel. You'd have to go a long way to find to nicer or more charming gentlemen.

Rusty NailA very happy(?) James Slater with the 'Rusty Nail' the predecessor to 'All the Way', but still going strong. Somehow James still hasn't quite got round to finishing this Puller off paint and tin work wise...

Mind you the 510 (8.3-litre) Perkins V8 does go rather well, even though it does have an odd set of Holset turbo's...

Damian DaviesDamian Davies from Llandovery suffering slightly from the after effects of a suspected dive shaft or ball gear failure. Unusually for a Fordson Major the engine is a Cummins l10 straight-6, fitted with bigger 325 pistons. Why the different pistons, 'cause two of the original ones melted!


2006 Gallery

The view from the Tractor Pulling campsite just next to the track looking east over the Welsh hills. For some strange reason the sheep kept well away from the Pullers!

When Richard & John (Sowerby) said the site was on top of a mountain I though they were pulling my leg. A slight exaggeration maybe, but not much.

Dave ('Gaffa') Spencer's low-loader transported the Sledge from Pembrokeshire up to Ceredigion but a little help was needed to off-load 'Total Overload'!
Ten minutes later and 'Total Overload' finally inched its way off the trailer.
'Total Overload' with its wheels and skid-plate firmly fixed on Welsh soil, on the newly constructed Pulling track.
As nighttime approaches the fairground starts to come to life, but in this case it was the Site Marshals who were having a quick ride on the Gallopers.
With no Pulling possible on Sunday night (rain stopped play), the only place to go was the Beer Tent... They don't look too sad about it though!
A rare glimpse inside the bonnet of 'Redline Frenzy', Richard & John Sowerby's Puller. Not a Turbo problem but actually a blown exhaust gasket which caused a loss of power.
Oops... A little accident with 'Major Aggro' cogs. A precursor to the BIG BANG.
Loading 'Total Overload' was a little more complicated because the 4-wheel drive on the back hoe wasn't working, so the pull-back tractor had to lend a helping hand with a shunt up the rear...