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Find us on Facebook

Cornish Tractor Pullers Club - Facebook page

Cornish Tractor Pullers Club

This page is devoted to the Cornish Tractor Pullers Club, their machines and the events they will be attending during the year.

The Cornish Tractor Pullers are a noncompetitive Tractor Pulling Club. Members provide demonstrations at vintage rallies, agricultural shows and other events throughout the summer months.

Recent History
As far as I can ascertain, the recent resurgence of Tractor Pulling in Cornwall appears to be as a result of the activities of Ian Wilton and Mark Miller with the roots of the going back to the 2009 Morval Rally. During that event tractor pulling enthusiasts Ian Wilton & Mark Miller bought a small sledge from Chrissy Verrin. The purchase of the sledge allowed a small group of Tractor Pulling friends to provide demonstrations at three local rallies during the 2010 season; Laneast, Boconnoc and Morval.

The dynamic duo then decided to venture east over the Cornish border towards Dorset and the GDSF ultimately resulting in 'Cornish Pullers on Tour'...

By 2011 the number in the group was beginning to increase. It wasn't very long before bigger tractors were being built and a larger sledge was needed. In 2013 or 2014 one of the Cornish Pullers, Mike Simmonds, was able to secure the services of the Lobb Brothers (Bernard and Peter) Sledge from Newquay which the Cornish Pullers have been using ever since. In deference to the Cornish weather a cab was added to protect the Sledge operator from dust and rain and the Sledge was given a major service to put it back into service.

Earlier in 2016 (March) some major engineering work was undertaken to fit a new skid pan and wear strips (improving the pan grip and adding some extra weight) plus a set of mudguards with regulation reflectors. The original drawbar was modified to give greater ground clearance for transport and better stability.

Although group members have been providing demonstrations on an ad hoc basis for several years now, they only became collectively known as the 'Cornish Tractor Pullers' during the summer 2015 season. Their committee chair was Ian 'Scruff' Wilton. 'The Sledge Master', Nigel Prout was vice-chair but has had to step down for personal reasons. The current line up are: -

Cornish Pullers will be at...

12th & 13th May, 2018 - Cornish Tractor Pullers, Netherbridge Racing Track, Jays Cross, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9QY - Hosted by North Cornwall Motor Racing Club.

19th & 20th May, 2018 - Three Okefords Preservation Society Rally, East Brooke Farm, Shillingstone, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 0SZ

26th - 28th May, 2018 - Launceston Steam & Vintage Rally, Trebant Farm, Altarnum, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7RR

20th - 22nd July, 2018 - Somerset Steam & Country Show, Netherham Farm, Low Ham, Langport, Somerset TA10 9DR

27th - 29th July, 2018 - Boconnoc Steam Fair, Boconnoc Estate, Lostwithiel, Cornwall PL22 0RG

3rd & 4th August, 2018 - Cornish Tractor Pullers Charity Weekend - Venue TBC

23rd -27th August, 2018 - Great Dorset Steam Fair, South Down, Tarrant Hinton, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 8HX

8th & 9th September, 2018 - Lanlivery Vintage Rally, B3269 ½-mile south of Sweetshouse, Cornwall PL30 5AW

Cornish Tractor Pullers events in Cornwall

CTP Event Locations

The Cornish Pullers

Here are most of the current CTP Club Pullers listed in alphabetical order: -

'Bat Outa Hell' - Dave Budge 'Bat Outa Hell' - Dave Budge
'Black Pearl' - Ian Wilton 'Black Pearl' - Ian Wilton
'Boy Ken' - Steve Tippett 'Boy Ken' - Steve Tippett
'Celtic Thunder' - Scruff Wilton 'Celtic Thunder' - Scruff Wilton
'Cornish Flyer' - Adam Gilbert 'Cornish Flyer' - Adam Gilbert
'Creamy Grunt' - Jack Roberts 'Creamy Grunt' - Jack Roberts
'Custy Runt' - Ian Wilton 'Custy Runt' - Ian Wilton
'Drish On' - Peter Bolitho 'Drish On' - Peter Bolitho
Hendra Hauler - Aaron Champion 'Hendra Hauler' - Aaron Champion
'Mr Dweebs' - Ian Wilton 'Mr Dweebs' - Ian Wilton
'Old Faithful' - Mark Miller 'Old Faithful' - Mark Miller
'Old Ragdoll' - James Little 'Old Ragdoll' - James Little
'Pur Dhu' - Scruff Wilton 'Pur Dhu' - Scruff Wilton
'Raging Major' - Craig Frain 'Raging Major' - Craig Frain
'Road Runner' - Jake Wilton 'Road Runner' - Jake Wilton
'Road Scrap' - Steve Quickfall 'Road Scrap' - Steve Quickfall
'Rubber Duck' - Trem McLuckie 'Rubber Duck' - Trem McLuckie
'Sergeant Major' - Mike Simmonds 'Sergeant Major' - Mike Simmonds
'Short Cummins' - Terry Doidge 'Short Cummins' - Terry Doidge
'The Cargo' - Joe Keast 'The Cargo' - Joe Keast
'The Eagle' - Richard Wills 'The Eagle' - Richard Wills
'Tired Iron' - Ian Wilton 'Tired Iron' - Ian Wilton

All these Puller 'cards' including the images and data have been collated and prepared by Carol West who not only handles the CTP publicity but also manages their Facebook page and has been known to grab (?) the microphone and take on the commentating duties at the events... The majority of the photographs were taken by Nikki Wills.